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We offer growth opportunities beyond the  ordinary.

You can find the properties you wish OR you can build your Hotel OR your Villas of your dreams.

Our company makes all the necessary legal checks with the planning authorities and all the bureaucratic procedures for the purchase of property. and the services necessary for its development.
When you decide to purchase a property in Greece, we organize the details of your visit to the properties for sale. The multilingual office staff (English-Russian-German and Italian) will explain everything in detail.
There are no additional transportation costs for properties located at a distance of 100 Km from Athens. For distances greater than 100 km, there is a charge of 0.35 euros per km plus taxes for toll roads (if applicable). The cost of any ferry or airfare for your escort is at your expense. If you find a property to buy we can find expert lawyers and notaries who speak your mother tongue.
Our company will take care of the necessary procedures for the residence permit in Greece through the acquisition of property.
With the acquisition of a residence of over 250,000 in Greece, you are entitled to a permanent residence permit for five years, renewable every five years during which you keep the property. With this license you can stay in other countries
of the European Union for three to six months. The permit is valid for all the family members of the buyer. You can also have a residence permit for long-term investment or leasing in Greece.
You can buy your villa in any place in Greece.
The main activity of our real estate branch is the construction of tourist complexes, condominiums, hotels, villas, etc.
Experienced architects will guide the investor in architectural planning, taking into consideration their personal choices.
Once the planning is complete, the 3D rendering is presented for further changes.
If you prefer to invest in a used or unfinished property we can complete the construction works and carry out all the bureaucratic processes.
A dedicated department deals with maintenance, cleaning, paying bills and finally renting with your own terms, for
as long as you want. This also applies to hotels.
To sell a property.
We will visit your property, evaluate it, discuss with you and define its price. Drawings of the property are required and your written and explicit order to formulate proposals to those interested.
The property will be advertised in various web sites and publications of tourist and real estate interest.
During the construction of the building we optionally offer assurance packages for any potential danger.

Once you find the house that suits you, you need to follow these steps: You must appoint an attorney to assist and represent you in the process. We can provide you a list of real estate attorney here in Greece subject to your consent.

A public notary must be appointed since any property purchase agreement, in order to be valid, must be done in the presence of a public notary. The public notary does not represent the interests of the buyer.The notary drafts the contract and is responsible for the verification and registration of the transaction in the public records.
So the buyer acquires the official title of the property. The vendor holds
the absolute deed (title)  of the property. The property is unencumbered. All the taxes have been paid.
The construction was completed in accordance with all planning and building permissions. The transfer  tax must be paid by the buyer prior to signing the contract.
The cost for the buyer: Lawyers fee, about 1-2% (subject of  agreement)  on the selling price. For  notary 1,3% on the value of the property. Transfer tax: 9% for the value up to 15.000 euro plus 11%
for the value above 15.000 euro. Municipality tax; 3%. The brokerage fee is between 2-6% (subject of  agreement).
The ownership of property in Greece is secured by a state authority called Registry of mortgages.
You can transfer funds from your country to Greece by your bank. You can take a loan from the Greek bank. In Greece, the VAT is 19% . You can make insurance for the property if take a loan. Is not obligatory but is required by the financial institution.




  •     Total land: 15,7 hectares (157.000 m2)
  •     Peninsula length: 900 m.
  •     Peninsula width (average): 200 m.
  •     Building potential: 20.188 m2 main buildings and 6.000 m2 basements
  •     Available all required licenses from the competent authorities to proceed to construction
  •     Access to the Water, Electricity and Telecommunications networks
  •     Direct access to a touristic beach of 1 km. length
  •     Direct access to a wind- sheltered gulf, which could be used for the creation of yacht berths
  •     It is actually the only peninsula in the region having all the necessary licenses for development



  •     Building capacity of 20.188 m2 (plus 6.000 m2 basements)
  •     Creation of yacht berths at the wind-sheltered side of the peninsula
  •     Creation of exclusive Bars & Restaurants at the tip of the peninsula, facing the sea and the surrounded islands
  •     The development falls under the Greek Investment Law 3908/2011 that entitles subsidies 30% of the total development cost (licensing, construction, equipment)


The project is, already, underway. There is no need to wait for the planning.

Complete file available with all permissions and certifications from the relevant authorities proving that land can be developed as shown.

  •     Fast track procedures are implemented
  •     17% annual return
  •     All investors from outside the EU can be automatically granted a residence permit in Greece and the EU
  •     Secure investment in a world-class beach-resort destination
  •     Process through escrow account in a high rated (AAA) bank
  •     The project is entitled to a 30% subsidy by the Greek State and the E.U., for the studies, permissions, construction and equipment

Investors are able to take advantage of the Greek deep recession investing at the markets bottom line, at the right time and with the right strategy

Investment independently observed and administered for clients security and comfort

Low prices on the provided facilities of the hotel for the investors 




The Peninsula Project: uno sviluppo di lusso a 5 *

  • Prezzo:  45.000.000 ( 286 / m)

  • Superficie totale: 157.000m

  • Codice Realty: Peninsula




Uno sviluppo di lusso a 5 * di 300 camere e ville



Central hotel unit and Luxury Villas for rent/sale with yacht berths, which would fully cater to the needs of the high-net-worth-individuals that frequent the area.

The above solution constitutes a current trend in the Greek tourism market, with the demand from abroad exceeding by far the actual offer.



The peninsula is situated in the Ionian sea, right in the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan, high-end touristic areas in the Mediterranean.

Overall, the specific area is considered a top destination for high-net-worth-individuals, due to its excellent combination of greenery, picturesque gulfs, marvelous beaches with crystal-clear waters and facilities catering to yacht owners.



Budget 65,000,000

Subsidy 20,000,000

Investors 45,000,000

ROI : 17%


Feel free to contact us for any additional on the above information. Available presentations and financial projections.



We do not respond to anonymous  and time wasters



  • A

    Apartment near the Park of Nea Smyrni at a bargain price

    • Price:  138.000 ( 932 / m)
    • Total Area: 148m
    • Bedrooms: 3
    • Bathrooms: 1
    • W.C.: 1
    • Realty Code: h303

    Great opportunity! Beachfront house 165 sq.m., Nafpaktos

    • Price:  165.000 ( 1.000 / m)
    • Total Area: 165m
    • Bedrooms: 4
    • Bathrooms: 3
    • Realty Code: h1

    Luxury house with sea view near Athens

    • Price:  690.000 ( 2.176 / m)
    • Total Area: 317m
    • Bedrooms: 4
    • Bathrooms: 3
    • Realty Code: h262

    Luxury house near the sea and Athens

    • Price:  300.000 ( 1.071 / m)
    • Total Area: 280m
    • Bedrooms: 3
    • Bathrooms: 2
    • Realty Code: h259

    Stone maisonette 230 sq.m. with great sea view, Stoupa

    • Price:  280.000 ( 1.217 / m)
    • Total Area: 230m
    • Bedrooms: 4
    • Realty Code: h90

    Waterfront maisonette of 120 sq.m. with amazing sea view, Agios Konstantinos

    • Price:  180.000 ( 1.500 / m)
    • Total Area: 120m
    • Bedrooms: 4
    • Bathrooms: 3
    • Realty Code: h200

    2-bedroom apartment 78 sq.m. in Rafina

    • Price:  118.000 ( 1.512 / m)
    • Total Area: 78m
    • Bedrooms: 2
    • Bathrooms: 1
    • Realty Code: h179

    House 205 sq.m. with sea view, Eretria- Evia island

    • Price:  125.000 ( 609 / m)
    • Total Area: 205m
    • Bedrooms: 4
    • Bathrooms: 3
    • Realty Code: h161

    Maisonette of 200 sq.m. with swimming pool and sea view, Avlida

    • Price:  350.000 ( 1.750 / m)
    • Total Area: 200m
    • Bedrooms: 5
    • Bathrooms: 3
    • Realty Code: h167

    New Built maisonettes 185 sq.m. just 100 meters distance from a sandy beach, Lagonisi

    • Price:  400.000 ( 2.162 / m)
    • Total Area: 185m
    • Bedrooms: 4
    • Bathrooms: 2
    • Realty Code: h25

    House with stunning sea views and a swimming pool, Amoni Corinth

    • Price:  250.000 ( 1.315 / m)
    • Total Area: 190m
    • Bedrooms: 2
    • Realty Code: h8

    3 luxury houses of 220sq.m. within a 8.000sq.m. plot in Spetses Island

    • Price:  1.600.000 ( 2.424 / m)
    • Total Area: 660m
    • Realty Code: h82

    New-built house 170 sq.m. with sea view, Lagonisi

    • Price:  350.000 ( 2.058 / m)
    • Total Area: 170m
    • Bedrooms: 3
    • Bathrooms: 3
    • Realty Code: h21

    Luxury waterfront maisonette, Vrahati Corinth

    • Price:  200.000 ( 1.470 / m)
    • Total Area: 136m
    • Bedrooms: 3
    • W.C.: 3
    • Realty Code: h4



Large villages (investment capital from 10 to 100 million)

Building large village-style complexes has been the leading choice over recent years for leading investors, and has generated the respective benefits for them. These complexes resemble luxury coastal villages with all the amenities such as supermarkets, cafes, taverns, swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts and football pitches, gyms, and so on. A major advantage is that these complexes combine the freedom offered by a detached home with the amenities of a luxury complex.

Several such villages are already at the design or build stage across all of Greece, and all have their viability guaranteed since the invested capital has been depreciated from the sale of around 50% of the homes.

Coastal areas over 50,000 sq.m. can be acquired at particularly low per sq.m. prices due to their size and the land use, and following legislation enacted in recent years such areas can also be built on provided they fall within specific zones with tourism development prospects, and of course after an environmental study is prepared.

A major benefit of such an investment comes from the large volume of works carried out and materials required, with the result that the discounts offered by work crews for their work and suppliers for their materials can reach up to 40% of the normal price. These advantages clearly demonstrate why large investors are turning towards building such villages, which offer a secure investment in real estate coupled with discounted high profits from the purchase of land and the build.

Our company has various plots to present suitable for this purpose and has all the information about the special licensing procedure which must be followed for such projects.


Preveza Village

The said area is about 455 hectares and belongs to the Co-proprietors society Tarana Krapsiti, Municipality of Preveza.

Program Figures

The project in question concerns the construction of a hamlet which will comprise residences, central and welfare functions for the service of everyday needs of the inhabitants, as well as free spaces to play, work out, rest, for cultural activities and green.

The town planning area is of 453.174,33 sq.m. (45,32 hectares). According to the suggested planning, constructible spaces destined to become residences occupy an area of 244.800 sq.m., corresponding to 54% of the total surface.

.Distribution table of Land Uses

Land uses Surface (sq.m.)
Road network 86.651,08
Green spaces 12.561,47
Footpaths public places 58.593,74
Parking areas 1.729,46
Block of houses (residence) 244.800,00
Sports facilities 29.327,67
Playgrounds 4.531,60
Cultural 4.968,14
Education social welfare 2.029,69
Commerce recreation administration 1.558,94
Square 3.378,12
Recreation 3.044,42
Total 453.174,33


Boutique Hotels (investment capital of 3 million - 10 million)

Comfort, elegance, exciting atmosphere, discretion, diversity are some of the features that surround Boutique Hotels.

Their services (spa, gourmet, art) combined with their extremely varied and luxurious design give them a comparative advantage. They are designed with the direct customer satisfaction at moments of relaxation. The warmth of the room combined with impeccable service allows the customer to feel special and not an impersonal room number in a long hotel corridor.


It is no coincidence that such units are constantly earning high-level clientele that is demanding but also has significant sums to satisfy. Survey in the United States showed that Boutique Hotels' annual growth was 14% versus 4% for classic expensive hotels and occupancy exceeded that of classic hotels to 74%.


The special care of the Boutique Hotels' interiors requires a small capital compared to the total investment on which the comparative advantage over the classical hotels is based. Boutique Hotels are characterized by their particular taste and small size (up to 50 rooms), which keeps the cost of acquiring land and constructing them low, highlighting our investment proposal.

A variety of design choices and interior decorations are offered by our company in virtual imagery and set the foundation for the successful outcome of such a demanding design project.





Large Hotel Units

Greece's top tourist destinations include Greece not only for its enormous history, its ancient culture, its unparalleled archaeological wealth but also its unique Polynesia with the largest coastline in the Mediterranean. The seaside options for the construction of hotel units are many, the best of which, after detailed examination of feasibility of development by our special partners, are presented to prospective investors with alternative forms of exploitation. The top choice is the suites hotels (luxurious 5 * seaside hotels with two-room suites from 33-55 sq.m), because they are very demanding and have high returns since they are few for the time being and are aimed at an audience that desires special comfort and luxury.

Available offshore land for this type of hotel units with ready-to-use exploitation are still untapped.

It is feasible to include such projects in the new development law with subsidies or tax breaks.



Summer cottages (investment capital of 1 million - 5 million )

The investment opportunities in Greece, especially in the tourist sector, are many and are favored by the long coastline with its numerous options near incredible beaches.

Figures of recent years show that renting holiday homes in Greece from 80 sq. M. up to 160 sq.m. they have full occupancy of 100% in the summer months and several months in the rest of the year. The rapid increase in demand for rent is due to the low cost of accommodation, food, but also to an autonomy and independence environment that only housing offers.

High rents coupled with advance payments made months ago lead to a safe and profitable investment result. The annual rents are sufficient so that the depreciation time of the capital of the investment is the shortest of any other investment property.







The flexibility and security offered by this investment is unique because it is possible to sell the houses individually from the complex, resulting in quick liquidity provision. The investment can be legally supported, tax and accounting by specialist associates of Genecon Real Estate Greece. After completing the project, the company undertakes the maintenance and rental of the complex.

The steady upward trend in the value of real estate in Greece (10-15% per annum), with the highest investment security offered by capital investment and high rents, makes any comparison of the same risk investments (deposits, bond market, fixed mutual funds, gold) impossible.