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Separated from the rest of  Europe by the Pyrenees, Spain reaches south to the coast of North Africa. It has both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, 





and includes two archipelagos-the Balearics and the Canary islands.The climate and landscape vary from  snow-capped peaks the Pyrenees, through 

the green meadows of Galicia and the orange groves of Valencia, to the desert of Almeria. Madrid is the higher capital in  Europe. Many Basques and 
Catalans, do not consider themselves to be Spanish. Madrid may the nominal capital, but it is closely rivalled  in commerce, the arts and sport by 
Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia. Spaniards commonly put as much energy into enjoining life as they do their work.


The  1960s saw the beginning of spectacular  economic  growth, partly due to burgeoning tourist industry. Anyone who knows this country, will tell you that it is the Spanish  people's capacity to enjoy life to the full  that is Spain's biggest attraction. 

Three Spanish painters stand out as milestones in the history of Western art. Diego de  Velazquez was a 17th-century court portrait painter and his  Las 
Meninas is a seminal  work .

Francisco de Goya depicted Spanish life during one of its most violent periods. 


The prolific 20th-century master, Pablo  Picasso, is recognized as the founder of modem art.

To these names must  be added that of El Greco- who was born in  Crete (Greece) but  who lived in Spain, where he painted religious  scenes in an individualistic style.

The work of these and Spain's many other

great artists can be seen in world-renowned galleries, especially the Prado.


Spain's capital, a city of over three million people, is situated close to the geographical centre of the country, at the hub of both road and rail  networks. Because of its distance from the sea and its altitude-660 m-the city endures cold  winters and hot summers, making spring and autumn the best times to visit. Madrid's attractions include three internationally famous art galleries, a royal palace, grand public squares and many 
museums filled with the treasures of Spain's history.






Barcelona, one of the mediterranean's busies ports, is more than the capital of Catalonia. In culture, commerce and sport it not only rivals Madrid, but also considers itself on par with  the greatest European cities. The success of the 1992 Olympic games, staged in the Parc de Montjuic, 
confirmed this to the world. There are plenty of historical monuments in the Old Town( Ciutat Vella ), Barcelona is best known for the scores of  buildings in the Example left by the artistic explosion of Modernism in the decades around 1900. Always open to outside influences because of 
its location on the coast, not too  far from the French  border, Barcelona continues to sizzle with creativity:its bars and the public parks speak more of bold contemporary design than of tradition.